Unwanted signs of aging can be treated safely and effectively.   And, you have 5 options!

  1. The PiQo4 is the first FOUR-wavelength picosecond and Q-switch laser.  The workhorse removes pigmented lesions, tattoos and other conditions.
  2. Synchro Repla:Y Excellium Our new 4th generation Excellium model is the world’s most powerful Alexandrite (125watts) and NdYAG (180 watts) with integrated IPL to provide clinicians a range of treatment options. 
  3. MeDioStar Next Pro offers diode-based lasers for reliability and longevity.   This platform also allows for expansion for hair removal, vascular lesions, and more.
  4. The 50watt SmartXide Dot is a CO2 laser that immediately vaporizes age spots and other epidermal lesions.   Pigment can be removed in a single treatment (full ablation) or faded over time with fractional resurfacing.
  5. The Juliet MCL31 is ideal for patients who are in sunny climates or have darker skin.    The Erbium:YAG laser allows the operator to set COLD, COOL, or WARM settings according to patient needs.

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