Zarin Medical Upgrades Flagship Tattoo Removal Laser Device

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Zarin Medical is upgrading their flagship laser tattoo removal device to the cutting-edge PicoCare 450 laser system—offering more features for practitioners and patients.

A statement from Zarin Medical’s CEO:

Since the late 1980s, I have been privileged to launch several tattoo removal lasers, including the new PICOCARE 450.

At Zarin Medical, we continually look for the best possible technology for physicians. Because technology continually progresses, this is a nonstop process for us.  Therefore, upon successfully launching the PiQo4 system in 2015, we immediately began looking for the next wave of technology.   As a result, we are pleased to launch PICOCARE 450 to the USA.   The system is manufactured by a company with 18 years of success in the tattoo/pigment laser market and was recently cleared by the U.S. FDA.

The PICOCARE 450 significantly raises the bar:

Higher peak power.

The PICOCARE 450 has 66% more power than the PiQo4 that we previously offered. High power allows better clearance of pigment and tattoo inks without collateral damage.

“PicoCare has more wavelengths than the picosecond lasers we cur¬rently have. There are four wavelengths—1064nm, 532nm, 595nm, and 660nm— that selectively remove pigment particles and removes tattoos in various resistant colors in less time.”
- Michael Gold, M.D. 1

Four wavelengths with picosecond pulses.

Don’t be fooled by clever marketing! Most systems are based upon only 1 or 2 wavelengths in picosecond mode. Some might be able to be upgraded to 1 wavelength for a very expensive price. Raising the bar, the Picocare has FOUR wavelengths with picosecond pulses.

“I have been using Wontech tattoo removal lasers for well over a year in my office. They are simple to use, powerful and very stable. They are among our “go to” lasers in our NJ office.”
-David Goldberg, M.D.

Shorter pulses for less thermal damage.

The new 450 picosecond pulse is a significant upgrade to the previous 750 ps model that has been available outside the USA for the past few years. By increasing the power and shortening the pulses, treatments are more effective with less downtime and higher safety.

Robust system with no consumables.

This well-designed platform becomes your daily workhorse for pigment, ink, and textural conditions. Unlike other companies who use third-party components, the PICOCARE is made entirely by one manufacturer (including key components like the articulated arm and fractional handpieces) to help insure that everything works as one complete system without a proverbial “weak link” that other systems have.

Multiple handpieces provide more than tattoo removal.

The PICOCARE has a zoom handpiece with spot sizes from 2mm to 10mm. A collimated 7mm handpiece can be used for pico-toning procedures. There are 2 fractional handpieces to address pigment and textural conditions.

“I purchased the PICOCARE 450 to effectively treat difficult pigment (melasma, nevus of Ota, PIH, etc.). Paramount in my decision was protection from collateral skin damage that other picosecond or Q-switch lasers cause from their small spot sizes and to avoid lasers that yield little results because of their low power. I have been pleasantly surprised with the added benefits of PICOCARE’s fractional hand piece to reduce pore size, acne scarring and other textural conditions.”
- Ellen Turner, MD


We are very excited about the PICOCARE 450.  Call us for more information.



Jeff Knight, CEO

Zarin Medical


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1Cohen, J. L., MD, & Gold, M. H., MD. (2017, July & aug.). Wontech’s PicoCare. Retrieved from

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